Household Tips: 3 Times to Call for Plumbing Services in Naples, FL

Don’t let plumbing problems get out of hand. Get ahead of leaks and high water bills. Here are three times it’s time to call for plumbing services in Naples, FL.

1. Consistent Drainage Problems

Drains back up from time to time; it happens. What shouldn’t happen are drains consistently moving slowly or clogging completely. When this happens, getting a plumber to the house ASAP is essential.

Frequent drainage issues indicate more serious plumbing issues. There could be an issue with the sewer line, like a collapsed pipe or tree root growth. The problem might be a leaky pipe that’s making it difficult for water to flow. The septic tank might need cleaning if the house uses a septic system. Contact a plumber to figure out exactly what’s happening.

2. Water Bills Skyrocket

A skyrocketing water bill isn’t something to ignore, especially if the household’s water usage hasn’t changed. Problems contributing to rising water costs include slab leaks and leaky water mains. Getting to the bottom of the problem lowers water usage and prevents water damage from leaky pipes.

3. Plumbing Renovations

Households undergoing a kitchen or bathroom renovation often need to have their plumbing moved, or new plumbing installed. Most local building codes require permits for this work that only a licensed plumber can obtain. Making changes to household plumbing without the assistance of a licensed plumber could end up costing more money in the long run.

For expert, qualified plumbing services in Naples, FL, contact Diversified Plumbing Services of SW Florida.

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