Burst Pipe? Call Plumbing Service in Burien WA for Help

by | Nov 20, 2022 | Plumbing

It can happen to anyone. All of a sudden the sound of running water echoes through the house while no water is turned on anywhere. There is no laundry in progress, no dishwasher, no sink or no flushing of the toilet, but the water is definitely running. It may be that a pipe has burst. If the water is shooting from an outside pipe or from under the house it’s a big problem, but not as serious as if the water is flowing like a geyser inside the house, from behind the wall. If that is the case, action must be taken instantly, as major damage is occurring each second the water is pouring out. It’s imperative that every homeowner knows where the main water shut-off valve is located in their home. If a pipe bursts, the first step is to quickly turn off the water to the entire house, and the next step is to call for Plumbing Service in Burien WA. An experienced plumber will be able to find the broken pipe and repair or replace it as soon as possible, restoring water service to the home.

Occasionally the water pipe from the road to the home may break, and there is no tell-tale sign of a leak. The water pressure in the house may be down a bit, but that’s usually overlooked. A bigger sign that something is amiss may be that the home’s water bill doubles or even triples with no explanation. When that’s the case, it’s suggested to turn off all the water to the home at the main shut off valve. Then check the water meter. If it is still moving, even while the water in the house is turned off, most likely there is a leak somewhere between the house and the road. Fortunately, a plumbing service in Burien WA, such as Pat’s Plumbing, will be able to locate the leak and repair the pipe.

Water flowing in the house from a broken pipe can cause a massive amount of damage in a very short time. From drywall and flooring to furniture and wiring, water can damage it all. Always know where the shut-off valve is located. If there is no shut-off valve in the home, the absolute first step is to put one in. Without one, there is no way to stop the geyser from blowing. Get the water stopped and then call a Pat’s Plumbing for help.

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