Does this House Need Water Main Repair in Fairfax VA

by | Sep 5, 2018 | Plumbing

Water main repair in Fairfax, VA is a project that is often ignored and neglected, but this project can affect the whole plumbing system of a home. A family moving into a new existing home can find a lot of systems have been neglected or not listed on home defects. Once a family moves into a home, most plumbing repairs are their responsibility. Getting a professional home inspection before purchasing a home can prevent the obvious defects, but some plumbing problems may be missed.

What Can A Plumbing Inspection Uncover

The plumbing system in any home is far-reaching and complicated from the visible faucets and toilets to the home’s connection to the city water system. The older the home, the more likely that pipes need to be replaced because of being damaged, plugged, or leaking. Updating an older plumbing system can make a huge difference in water pressure and how the individual appliances work.

An inspection of a water system can uncover defects and problems waiting to happen. Water main repair in Fairfax, VA can be an important part of updating the plumbing system. Pipes can be made of materials that are no longer used and for a good reason. Imagine finding out that some plumbing pipes contain lead? Iron pipes are susceptible to deterioration over the years. The best plumbing companies such as Business Name have Video Camera Inspection available. Far-flung, buried pipes, and drainage system can be inspected without digging up the yard.

Waterproofing may be needed in the basement in addition to a new sump pump. Some drains may be plugged or near being plugged. Water heaters may need service or repair. Faucets, sinks, toilets, or water using appliances may need service. The dishwasher or a shower may not be operating at full capacity because of too small a water supply, or there may be hidden leaks under the sink or tub. These leaks could be causing mold growth or weakening of home building structure.

Hiring A Plumber for Remodeling Projects

Any time a remodeling project is underway, a plumber should be called in to take care of affected plumbing lines and appliances. Visit the website for additional plumbing information and services.

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