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by | Sep 25, 2018 | Plumbing

Almost everyone, at one point or another, has the need to call a plumbing expert in Atlanta, Georgia, to handle a task we don’t know how to complete. Plumbers can handle all sorts of situations and change a stressful situation into a more comfortable one. If you are curious about what plumbers want their clients to know, we have the answers. The following tips will help you better understand your plumbing system and how to care for it.

Not Everything Goes in the Garbage Disposal

While you can toss almost anything in your garbage can, the same does not apply to your garbage disposal. In fact, letting grease or egg shells go into the disposal can lead to the need for repairs. You should also be careful not to overload the disposal. Take time to think about what is going into the disposal and always run water when operating it.

You Should Know Where Your Main Water Valve Is

It’s crucial for a homeowner to understand where the main water valve is located. If you are in an emergency situation where you need to shut the water off quickly, you should know exactly where to go. If you aren’t able to locate the valve and turn the water off, you may end up with further damage.

Utilize a Drain Hair Stopper in Your Bathroom

If you experience a bathtub drain that tends to get clogged, hair is often the culprit for the problem. However, it’s easy to take care of this problem. You can purchase a drain hair stopper at nearly any home improvement store for a low price. All you have to do is place the stopper in your drain to avoid hair making its way into your pipes. The stopper can be removed at any time to clean and put back in place.

Take Care of Your Water Heater

You should make sure you maintain your water heater, which is something many homeowners put off. You can check your owner’s manual to get an idea of what maintenance tasks should be performed and how often to do so. Simple maintenance and prevent the need for repair from a plumbing expert in Atlanta, Georgia.

At Rooter Plus, we offer a large number of plumbing services for those in the Atlanta area. If you have a plumbing problem or questions about a maintenance need, we’d be happy to help. You can find out more by visiting website.

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