A Plumber in Clementon, NJ, Can Help Homeowners Save Thousands of Gallons of Water Annually

by | Sep 21, 2016 | Plumbing Services

A plumber in Clementon, NJ, can help homeowners save a significant amount of money by detecting and fixing leaks in the system and replacing old components with new, more efficient models. Although there is, of course, an upfront cost for this work, homeowners commonly see substantial decreases in their water usage that pay for the projects within a reasonable amount of time.

A common place where a plumber in Clementon, NJ, might find plumbing leaks is in the toilet tank. Older tank components deteriorate over time, and a tiny leak may develop that allows small amounts of water to drip into the sewer pipe minute by minute, day after day. People may never realize there’s a leak in the tank unless it becomes somewhat extreme and they can hear the routine dripping when they walk into the bathroom. Another sure sign is a whooshing sound frequently coming from the tank as the water is replenished. Gallons of water can be lost daily through this type of leak.

Plumbers also are familiar with faucet leaks that homeowners commonly ignore if the repair job requires replacing the entire faucet. They figure they can live with a dripping faucet, but eventually those water droplets start to hit the sink every 5 or 10 seconds. As with the toilet tank problem, gallons of water can exit the system every day through a faucet leak. It’s hard to imagine, but experts estimate that the typical faucet leak causes a loss of around 25 gallons of water every day. Homeowners can experiment with this themselves by putting a container under the faucet and seeing how much unused water is actually leaving the system.

Having a plumber from a company such as Horizon Services replace old toilets with water-efficient models can also be very helpful. This equipment uses remarkably less water than older versions. Plumbing Manufacturers International tells homeowners that a family of four can save an average of 16,000 gallons of water annually by switching to water-efficient toilets. That can translate to the savings of hundreds of dollars in water use every year.

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