Why You Should Always Clean Out Your GA Air Ducts On A Regular Basis

by | Mar 23, 2020 | Plumbing

Most homeowners don’t clean out their air ducts on a regular basis. Some people don’t even know the last time their air ducts were cleaned. You might even wonder why you need to clean out your air ducts if you’ve never had a problem with them. This article will tell you why you shouldn’t ignore this important task.

Why You Should Clean Your Air Ducts

You should clean your air ducts if you have a lot of mold on your cooling and heating systems. Another reason to clean your air ducts is if your ducts are experiencing a rodent infestation. Lastly, excessive dust in the air ducts will require the expertise of experts in plumbing services in Newnan, GA.

Having debris in your air ducts will appear in the air supply of your home as the air circulates by them. While this debris may not be directly dangerous to you and your family, it may make existing conditions such as asthma. Air duct issues may be indicative of larger problems. If you don’t call in plumbing services in Newnan, GA, to take care of this problem, the other issues will continue.

How To Protect Your Air Ducts

To protect your air ducts between cleanings, use the filters offered by the manufacturer of your HVAC system. Make sure you change your filters on a regular basis. Clean out your cooling coils and drain pans when you’re getting your HVAC system looked at by experts in plumbing services in Newnan, GA.

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