Weighing Choices for a New Water Heater in Bellingham, WA

With a clank and a sputter, the old water heater has finally heated its last tank of water. Now, the homeowner needs to think about what sort of new Water Heater in Bellingham WA will grace the home. With the help of a professional, it’s possible to explore all the options and come up with a solution that will serve the family well for a long time. Here are a few points to ponder closely.

The Energy Source

There’s no rule that says the new Water Heater in Bellingham WA must use the same power source as the old one. Before thinking that the options are limited, consider the idea of investing in a heater using an alternative power source. Purchasing a unit that can run on solar energy is not as difficult as many people think. A professional can provide some insight into what sort of changes need to be made to accommodate the alternative energy source.

A Larger Tank?

Did the old heater really provide as much hot water as the homeowner wanted? Think back on how many times someone had to settle for a tepid shower because there was not enough hot water to go around. Consider how putting on a load of laundry while someone was running water for a bath was out of the question.

If there were times when more water would’ve been nice, consider investing in a new heater with more capacity. Assuming there’s room for a larger unit, that would be the best way to ensure everything can be done without having to stop and wonder if there is enough hot water to go around.

Going Tankless

Another way to get around the problem of not having enough hot water is to look at tankless heaters. With these models, water is heated on demand. It doesn’t matter if relatives came to spend the weekend and everyone wants to take showers in the morning. The heater will continue to heat water as long as it’s needed. As a bonus, there’s not a full tank of water that has to be kept at a set temperature around the clock. This means the heater could end up saving money in utility costs.

Before making any decisions, visit and get help from a pro. It won’t take long to find the ideal solution, have it installed, and once again enjoy a steady supply of hot water.

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