Using An Emergency Plumber in Mclean To Help Unclog A Toilet

by | Jan 22, 2016 | Plumbing

When someone has a toilet within their home that will not flush properly, they are at risk for overflowing the water onto their floor if there is an obstruction. This can lead to extensive water damage, especially if the toilet is located on an upper floor. There are some steps the homeowner can take in an attempt to unclog a toilet so it can one again be utilized. If these steps do not work, calling an Emergency Plumber in Mclean is the best solution for this type of situation.

First, the water should be shut off. The water valve will be located on the wall behind the toilet. Turning this to the right will stop water from filling up the tank after the toilet is flushed. This is done as a safety precaution to help keep the toilet from overflowing while trying to troubleshoot the reasoning for the clog.

Using a toilet plunger is usually the first way used to try unobstructing a toilet clog. The rubber flange is placed over the exit hole in the toilet bowl, forming a seal. The homeowner will need to push the plunger down and pull it back up several times, quickly, in a pumping motion. When the seal is broken, they can then try flushing the toilet to see if the obstruction was dislodged.

If a plunger did not work, using a plumber’s snake may push the obstruction out of the way. Direct the tip of the snake toward the exit hole and unwind the tool. When it is unwound in its entirety, it can then be wound back up to see if the obstruction was removed. Hot water can be added to the water in the tank in an attempt to loosen any waste and toilet paper from within the pipes.

When someone tries to unclog a toilet without success, they may need the help of an Emergency Plumber in Mclean. Calling a service like Business Name can be beneficial in getting the toilet in working order. An appointment can be made to have an evaluation of the situation and the plumber will start on the problem right away if desired.

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