Understand the Two Types of Septic Tanks Available in Suffolk County, NY

by | Feb 6, 2020 | Plumbing Services

There are two types of septic systems, and before you contract a company for your septic tank installation in Suffolk County, NY, you need to know the difference between the two.

Anaerobic Septic System

An anaerobic septic system is simple. It’s comprised of a pipe going from the house to the septic tank, as well as a branched pipe going from the septic tank to the drain field. This type of septic system relies on anaerobic bacteria to break down the waste in the tank. Anaerobic bacteria are oxygen-hating bacteria. Anaerobic septic systems are usually much less expensive compared to a more complex aerobic septic system.

Aerobic Septic System

An aerobic septic system relies on aerobic bacteria to break down the waste in the tank. Aerobic bacteria are oxygen-loving bacteria.

Since oxygen doesn’t occur naturally in a septic tank, the system must rely on an air pump. The pump aerates the tank in order to grow the aerobic bacteria to breakdown the waste. Also, this system requires more than one tank to accomplish the process.

The advantage of an aerobic septic system is that the bacteria are more resistant to toxic household chemicals, and are also better at breaking down waste. But, aerobic bacteria are less efficient at breaking down inorganic solids than are so anaerobic bacteria. That means aerobic septic systems could clog more easily. Finally, since aerobic bacteria need constant aeration, a prolonged power outage that prevents the air pump from working could kill the bacteria in an aerobic system.

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