Toilet Repairs In Rehoboth Beach DE That You Can Do At Home

by | Feb 22, 2016 | Plumbing

People can do some of their own Toilet Repairs in Rehoboth Beach DE if they are trying to save money or can’t get a plumber’s help fast enough. The first step of doing repairs without the help of a plumber is to be prepared. This means taking a trip down to the local hardware store and buying the right tools for the job. When people start looking around the section for plumbing tools, they need to know which tools are the wrong ones to buy. Some individuals buy the wrong augers and plungers for the job. They can also end up with wrenches that don’t help them with plumbing repairs.

Those who are doing their own Toilet Repairs in Rehoboth Beach DE will need toilet augers. These augers are not the same type as the ones that are used to deal with sink and drain clogs. Typical toilet augers are usually only a few feet in length, but longer ones can be purchased by people who want to be more prepared. Inexpensive augers can be purchased for under $20. When deploying a toilet auger, people should work slowly. If the clog is within reach, the end of the auger can drill through it. The auger is worked in a twisting motion to get through clogs.

The other tool that people need to have around their bathrooms is a toilet plunger. In the plumbing world, toilet plungers are also called flange plungers. Plungers designed for tub drains and sinks are known as cup plungers. Those who want to do their own plumbing repairs need to know the difference between the two types. Trying to use a sink plunger for a toilet can be an exercise in futility. When a toilet plunger is used in a toilet bowl, it has a better chance to form a tight seal due to its shape. People should also know that quality costs. Cheap plungers aren’t going to do the job as well as quality plungers, and the same holds true with augers.

If a person can’t seem to get a toilet fixed, visiting  or a similar site is recommended. Homeowners should only take on simple tasks like removing clogs. More complicated repairs should be left to plumbers who know who to handle toilet problems.

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