Three Reasons to Call a Plumber in Henderson, Nevada

by | Dec 9, 2019 | Plumbing

There are certain plumbing issues in the home that can be resolved by the resident. This includes things like a simple clogged sink or a tap that drips a little too much. There are certain circumstances, however, when it’s time to call plumbing contractors Henderson NV. Check out below for instances when it makes sense to call a plumbing contractor versus doing the job yourself.

There’s No Water in the House

Sometimes water may be cut off to a single sink, and that’s pretty easy to fix. When there’s no water in the entire house, you have a serious problem. One issue could be that the water pipe that’s buried beneath your house that leads from the streetside water meter to your house has either burst or been compromised somehow, preventing water from reaching your home. This is a serious plumbing issue that only an experienced plumber can deal with.

You’ve Been Unable to Remove a Clog

Ordinary sink blockages are usually fixed through the use of commercial drain cleaners or simple DIY snaking. If you’ve been unable to clear a clog no matter what you’ve tried, it’s time to call a plumber. An unfixable clog means that you have an issue that runs deeper into the plumbing system, and only a professional can figure out how to access and fix it.

You’re Installing a Gas Stove

Gas stoves are required to be installed by professional plumbers. Plumbers have the expertise and the certification required to hook up the stove safely to external gas lines.

There are many reasons to call plumbing contractors Henderson NV. Contact Max Plumbing via our website or vis phone so that we can help you resolve any issues that you may have.

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