Reasons to Hire a Plumber in Alexandria, VA for Water Softener Installation

When homeowners want to have a water softener installed, they may wonder whether it’s better to have a company selling softeners do the work or whether to have a plumber in Alexandria, VA complete the project. There are certain advantages associated with hiring a plumber for this task. For example, if any adjustments to the pipe system must be made to accommodate the softener, there is little risk of leaks or poorly fitting equipment when a professional plumber does the job. If any other plumbing tasks have been delayed, the plumber will complete those as well without the charge for an additional service call. There may be a leaky faucet that needs attention or a toilet that could use replacement of interior components.

The homeowners may also want additional water improvement features installed at the same time, and the water softener supply company may not sell those devices. A filter under the kitchen sink can be added, or a whole-house filter can be put in place near the softener. These are useful for problems that a softener cannot solve. Homeowners outside of the municipality may rely on well water and deal with unpleasant odors from sulfur or iron bacteria. Carbon filters remove those substances and greatly improve the quality of the water.

With this combination system, as installed by a plumber in Alexandria, VA, the household residents and their guests enjoy tap water that is free of excessive hard mineral content and is also free of unwanted odors. Even residents with municipal tap water may like the carbon filter option if they detect odors from chlorine used to sanitize the city supply. An activated carbon filter removes most organic substances and synthetic chemicals. In fact, some of these filters are known to block nearly 100 percent of the chlorine in city water supplies. People who are concerned about fluoride in the water will need something other than a carbon filter to remove that chemical. Reverse osmosis systems work to eliminate this substance. Plumbers from a company such as Business Name can answer questions about the various kinds of water improvement equipment and help homeowners decide which is most suitable for their residence. Visit website domain for information.

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