Plumbing in Edmond OK: Things to Consider When Choosing Between Tank and Tankless Water Heaters

by | Sep 13, 2017 | Plumbing

When people spend a weekend with friends or relatives whose home has a tankless water heater, they are likely to fall in love with the endless supply of hot water. They start thinking about hiring a contractor for plumbing in Edmond, OK to remove their old tank heater and install this different kind of hot water system. They’ll need to consider the advantage and disadvantages of tankless heaters before making the decision.

Tankless Advantages

The tankless system heats the water on demand instead of keeping a big tank of water hot at all times. It not only allows numerous people to shower in a row without running out of hot water, but it also cuts energy costs significantly since no electricity or natural gas is wasted on keeping dozens of gallons of water hot all the time. Hot water in the house might only be used in the morning, leaving 20 or more hours a day when a heating element is running in a tank for no practical reason.

Installation Costs

Despite the convenience and energy savings of the tankless system, homeowners still overwhelmingly choose tank versions when they hire contractors for plumbing in Edmond, OK. The cost for installation of the other style is simply too high for most people to justify. They won’t recoup that cost in lower utility bills for many years, if ever.

No Increased Speed

People also cannot expect hot water to arrive at the tap any faster. If they had to run the faucet for a minute or so before, they’ll still need to do so after the tankless version is installed unless the new model is placed closer to the tap in question.

Reasons People Choose Tankless

With all this said, why do some individuals choose tankless models from a company like Drabek and Hill Inc.? Convenience and satisfaction are the main reasons. When many people live in one home and need to shower one after the other, running out of hot water is a common and frustrating occurrence. The only other solutions involve everyone limiting their bathing time or setting the temperature on the tank higher, which is reflected in higher utility bills.

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