Indicators that You Need to Replace Your Water Heater

by | Aug 24, 2022 | Plumbing

Most homeowners don’t think about water heaters when they are working properly. The heater helps in doing house chores like washing dishes and hot baths. However, no one thinks about heaters until there is a problem. It would be great to maintain them to avoid inconveniences. Readiness before a failure enables you to avoid disruptions. So, what cues indicate it’s time to replace your water heater?

Signs You Need to Replace the Water Heater

  1. Noise from the Water Heater

One of the cues that your water heater requires replacement is noise from the tank. When a water heater ages, loud noise emanates as the tank heats the water. The noise is caused by:

Sediment buildup: As the water heater gets old and constantly heats water, water sediment builds at the bottom of the tank. With time the sediment hardens and becomes thicker at the tank’s bottom, which wears the heater faster.

To avoid this problem, you need to flush the water heater tank on an annual basis. It will help drain the sediments enabling the heater to work well. In addition, doing a tank flush every year increases the heater’s life expectancy.

  1. Water Heater Leakage

When your water heater is too old, there are high possibilities of leakages. You will start seeing water emerge on the floor near the tank. When this transpires, know you are encountering leaks. It can be dangerous depending on the location of the water heater. In addition, it can lead to serious property damage. So, seek water heater replacement services in Phoenix, Arizona.

  1. Rusty Water

Steel is the strongest material, but it rusts. When corrosion affects a steel surface, it spreads easily and eats through it. Water pipes and tanks are made of steel, and when it rusts, that’s a sign of leaks. It is challenging to tell if the rust is from the water heater or pipes. So, when you see rust, you need to get it checked for replacement.

Water heaters play important roles in households. It’s vital to get them checked regularly to avoid damage and disruption. Schedule an appointment now from an expert at Armstrong Plumbing .

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