A Variety of Reasons Someone Might Need Mobile Home Electric Service in Bellingham WA

Some manufactured homes have different electrical requirements and needs than frame-built houses, so an electrician who provides Mobile Home Electric Service in Bellingham WA is important for owners of these homes. For example, there are varying requirements when a manufactured house will have skirting compared to when it will not. The protective skirting prevents damage to electrical components.

In some instances, people use an older mobile home as a weekend or vacation getaway and eventually move there permanently. At this time, they may decide to have a frame-built addition constructed onto the manufactured home, and they may want a detached garage built and perhaps a workshop or garden shed. An electrician will need to upgrade the wiring system to accommodate all these new structures, as the original building will not have enough electrical infrastructure to safely provide power to all these areas. An additional circuit breaker box will probably be necessary.

Moving to a vacation property and converting it to a full-time residence often comes with other electrical needs or preferences. The property owners may want laundry facilities there for the first time, for example. They will probably need additional outlets so they can plug in a variety of electronic equipment they didn’t bother with when this was a part-time residence. Using multi-outlet extension cords on a long-term basis is inadvisable since it gives people the illusion that overloading a wall outlet with extra electronic items is acceptable.

During Mobile Home Electric Service in Bellingham WA, the electrician also can add features that make the structure more comfortable. Some homeowners choose to have a basement constructed under an addition to the mobile home so they have a convenient place for storage as well as for a new furnace, water heater, water softener and laundry equipment. If the addition is situated far from one end of the manufactured home, that far end can be chilly in the winter. An electrician from a company such as Bodes Electric can install a baseboard heater in the back bedroom that keeps that area toasty warm as needed. See the website Bodeselectric.com for information on this particular organization. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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