A Sewer Repair Service in Portland OR can Unclog the Drains

When the drains won’t drain, and nothing that’s been tried has helped, it may be time for a Sewer Repair Service in Portland OR to evaluate the problem. A clog in the line can bring everyday living to a halt until it’s gone. Clog Busters LLC can find the source of the blockage and remove it quickly so that plumbing operations can get back to normal.

Sewer Line Blockage

There’s nothing worse than having drains that can’t be cleared by any means, including plunging, applying drain cleaners, and using an auger to break up the blockage. If water backs up into the tub or shower when the toilet is flushed, or multiple plumbing fixtures are clogged at the same time, the issue may be in the main sewer line. Pinpointing the exact location of the blockage may require the use of a sewer line camera, as it can provide a high-resolution image of what’s going on inside of the pipe.

What Causes a Clog

A sewer line clog can be caused by grease and debris that has built up in the pipe over time. It may also be the result of poor pipe ventilation or incorrectly installed sewer lines. If the pipes are old, they may be rusted and cracked which could allow dirt and roots to get inside. When roots from trees and shrubs invade a sewer line, they can quickly spread and make it difficult for water to pass through.

Trenchless Sewer Repair

When needing Sewer Repair Service in Portland OR, a trenchless sewer repair may be an option. This method is less invasive and fixes the pipe on the inside, eliminating the need to dig a trench in the ground to reach the pipe. A trenchless sewer repair basically adds a new lining to the inside of the existing pipe which fixes the damaged portion and makes the pipe whole again. Once repaired, the pipe will be just as good as if the old pipe had been dug out and a new pipe had been installed.

A backed up sewer line can disrupt everyday life, but it is a repairable problem. With the help of an experienced plumbing contractor, a blockage can be located and removed with little to no disruption to a landscape or driveway. For more information regarding sewer line problems and repairs, please Click Here.

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