A Plumber in Jackson, MS Can Help You Prevent Backflow Problems

by | Mar 3, 2017 | Plumbing

When the direction of a water flow reverses in a plumbing system, it is known as backflow. This type of situation is not favorable as backflow can lead to a dangerous situation. That is because the drinking water can become contaminated and unusable. To prevent this type of incidence, backflow preventers are installed by plumbers.

Back Siphoning

A plumber in Jackson, MS normally is faced with two types of backflow difficulties. These two issues are known as back siphoning or back pressure. Back-siphoning occurs when pipes are blocked or broken, resulting in a loss of water pressure. When this happens, contaminants trapped in the water siphon back into a building or home, transforming the drinking water into a health hazard.

Back Pressure

Back pressure occurs when the water pressure is greater than the public water supply, As a result, a building’s water along with contaminants is pushed back into the public water supply. This issue often emerges when a property is at a lower elevation than the public water supply and a pump is used to transport the water. However, regardless of the severity of these issues, a plumber will tell you that backflow can be easily prevented.

Preventing a Backflow Situation

A plumber can prevent backflow by placing an air gap between devices that open into a plumbing system. Simple parts can be installed that prevent backflow too. These kinds of devices include anti-siphon assemblies for toilet tanks or bibb vacuum breakers for outside hose bibbs.

Schedule an Inspection

Needless to say, you need to work with a plumbing company that offers a large variety of plumbing services including solutions for backflow emergencies. To ensure your plumbing’s operations, contact a plumbing company to schedule an inspection. By making this move, you can better prepare for or prevent emergency events. Browse our website to obtain further details about plumbing service offerings.

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