4 Non-Typical Plumbing Problems Requiring Professional Plumbing Help

by | Sep 27, 2019 | Plumbing

Plumbing involves much more than pipes and drains. Homeowners can spot a slow drain or low water pressure. They know to call residential plumbing in Atlanta, Georgia, experts for repairs. However, homeowners should know how to handle these four not-typical plumbing problems while they’re mopping up the mess.

Dishwasher on the Blink

Most everyone takes their dishwasher for granted. It works hard, so you don’t have to wash dishes by hand. There are times, though, when it requires a professional.

The water supply line could be involved if the dishwasher won’t fill up or drain properly. A plumber will find the problem and repair it.

It could also be involved if the water isn’t hot enough. If no steam escapes the dishwasher during a cycle, call for professional help.

Dry P-Trap

A residential plumbing in Atlanta, Georgia, professional should be called when a gaseous sewer smell enters the house. This will smell like bodily waste product or perhaps rotten eggs.

The plumbing’s P-Trap is probably dry. When that happens, water going through the pipes pushes air and gas out through the pipe vent. A dry P-Trap allows air and gas to disperse throughout a room. Call your plumber pronto.

Pool Problems

Swimming pools are fun. If you have an indoor pool, though, the problems could cause a mess. Plumbers establish the piping, pool valves and drains. They also are called whenever water isn’t circulating. This prevents the water from spreading the pool chemicals to kill bacteria. Call your plumber immediately.

Pipe Insulation

Without insulation, pipes freeze. They crack and leak, which causes a mess. Prevent this by calling your plumber. He’ll make sure the pipe insulation is intact and not rotted. This should be part of a homeowner’s regular maintenance. Rooter Plus helps with these other than typical plumbing problems, so contact us today.

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