3 Signs You Need No Dig Sewer Repairs

by | Mar 30, 2017 | Plumbing Services

In many cases, if you’re having problems with your sewer system, it is your responsibility to have it repaired. While your municipality may be responsible for some sewer maintenance and repairs, problems between the street and your home usually require attention from you. In this case, you’ll need to seek sewer repairs for your home as soon as possible.

If you want to make sure your yard remains relatively undisturbed and the job gets done quickly and efficiently, you may want to choose no dig sewer repairs. No dig repairs are more efficient, less destructive, and can be the best option for many different repairs, especially pipe repairs.

The problem with sewer issues and repairs is that not everyone knows when they need repairs. Below are the top three signs to look for that indicate you need sewer repairs.

Varied Toilet Bowl Water Levels

If the water level in your toilet bowl after flushing is rarely consistent, this may indicate an issue with your pipes or sewer system. Often, clogs can cause this kind of issue, but if it’s a pipe issue, you may require no dig sewer repairs.

Slow Draining and Sink Sewage

Does your shower drain or sink take a long time to drain, if at all? If this happens frequently, you may need sewer repairs. Many piping and sewer issues can result in backups, but the results are rarely pleasant. Sink sewage sweeping back into your home through your pipes can be just one of the more unpleasant side effects.

Backyard Leakage

More advanced sewer issues tend to lead to severe backup or leakage. There are a few tell-tale signs to look for. Foul odors are common, but mice, rats, and insects may also appear in greater number near your pipes as well, since sewage tends to attract these kinds of critters.

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